Day 5 – Tour of Islay





Woke up this morning for a short run to the two distilleries nearby…Lafroig and Laugavulin. It was so quiet I could hear cars for miles, even though I ran on roads so skinny only a half of car could make it through!
Came home to a fabulous breakfast of duck eggs and smoked salmon, fresh fruit, homemade bread and homemade jams and preserves. I could so do Scottish.
Bathing was a little challenging for Mr. House, who likes his big ass shower. He had to “improvise” .
We set off for our journey across the Island.

A picture (above) of The Round church, in Bowmore, was built in 1767 by Daniel Cambell, then owner of the entire island. The interior of the church is beautiful and should be on everybody’s itinerary. The story goes that the church was built in a circular shape to make sure there were no corners for the devil to hide in. I bet he finds a few spots!

Our next stop was Bruichladdich. Randy was not real impressed, however they have started making a gin called “The Botonist” which had me drinking a gin and tonic at 11 a.m. Coming to America soon.

We headed for Caol ila in the northern west coast of the island. Randy liked it and bought some scotch from there.

Above is the Isle if Jura. Jura is noted for its wildlife, which we discovered today, birding is Islays number one reason for tourist coming. I woulda thought it the whiskey!

Lastly, we stop at Port Askaig. Last stop on the island. This small village on the northern side of the island is where you catch the ferries to Jura and the mainland. There’s not much here except the hotel, lifeboat station and a post office in the general store where you can also buy gas. We managed to find a bar. Go figure.

Just outside Port Askaig (near the road to Bunnahabhain distillery I found this

Finally got a good glass of Chardonay at this stop in Bridgend. I was so happy I allowed Randy to stop at the only brewery on the island which was nearby.

Stopped at the “local bar” for a nightcap after dinner. No matter how beautiful a place is, in the end it’s the people that live there and their way of living who make you fall in love with that part of the world. May it be their friendliness, their open-mindedness or just the way they happily ignore the hectic ruling our modern lives…

On Islay, one cannot avoid finding these pleasant qualities in most of the people, but there is, however, something much more interesting about them than ‘just’ their kindness.

I cannot put the video in this blog….I think I’m too technically challenged…. However, the music and laughter tonight was awesome.














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