Journey to Skagen

We left at around 8:30 for Skagen via some side routes. The first stop was a harbor where they manually pull the fishing boats out by a tractor. Blow is the cable system

Below is the boat……

And here is the tractor.
We passed by many beautiful spots and cute little towns on our way to Skagen. Here we arrive at the “summer cabin”. Skagen takes its name from the region, which projects into the waters between the North Sea and the straits of Denmark. So basically I am going to stand between the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic sea!
We arrive and pick up our bikes that Linda has rented for our trip around the city (below). Randy has never rode a bike with a basket! (Used to carry beer home from the store)
We ride the bikes down to have fish balls.
Later we ride the bikes down to the “point” and see an old lighthouse that use to use coal to guide the ships in. Not as pretty as the newer ones!
You can only ride your bikes so far and then must take the “sand snake” to get to the point.
Below are Randy and I with one foot in the north and one in the east.

We rode bikes back for ice cream and coffee and the rode around looking at boats.

Later we will go to see old Skagen and the “lights” More about that tomorrow!


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3 Responses to Journey to Skagen

  1. Jane says:

    …. dinners, wine, cows, fish balls, hot dogs, home-made bread… but what about the AQUAVIT! A don’t miss with a beer chaser.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes Jane, just had three. One from Norway!

  3. Doug Webber says:

    Skagen is beautiful! It is great that you had locals (friends) to show you around. Food looks amazing;)

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