Off to the Islands

Had a lovely dinner last night at the hotel and slept well. The fog rolled in early and made getting out of bed hard. Just wanted to lay there and look out the window!

Still, we managed to wake up the whole place because we're early risers and bed and breakfast rooms are so squeaky.

After a quick breakfast of Scottish salmon (my new favorite breakfast) we drove to the ferry terminal to load our car on board and head to Islay. Leaving the room I asked the proprietor if I would easily be able to find the ferry terminal and he said “Can't miss it, a big boat comes towards you”


The ferry was more of a cruise ship than ferry. Unlike our experiences in Washington this ferry offered everything, including a bar! Very beautiful scenery and very relaxing.

And then we land. Our pilgrimage complete…….

Well almost.

Randy waited 20 years, flew 12 hours, drove 9 hours, and took a two and a half hour ferry ride………and here he is. HOME.
No, I'm not freezing, the sun is shining and it's beautiful. We have been blessed with great weather.

Lunch at Ardbeg. Yum.









Met up with Emma at the B&B ( – seriously Mike, my secret scotland guide, can you get nothing wrong?) Awesome place. The above picture was taken outside of our bedroom window upon arrival.

Anyone who knows us knows we quicky became friends with the other couple who are staying here, Alan and Bev; from Gb (who happen to collect Scotch) and met up with them for drinks and dinner. We discovered Alan and I were both celebrating birthdays and strange things happen when you become friends with the band. Sorry, it won't let me post the video! Probably a good thing.

Here is our meal we had at the Islay hotel (good food, ok prices, great bar with live music from Scotland) and our new friends from GB.

Tomorrow should be exciting. This is how I see it…..I sleep in until noon and Randy makes scotch at Laphroig! Good night all!
BTW – Randy's driving has improved, he now refers to himself as “seasoned” and laughs at the rookies who “hug the corners”. Go figure.
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2 Responses to Off to the Islands

  1. Jane says:

    Glad you’re having such a great birthday! Just remember – it’s not driving on the wrong side of the road that will kill you, it’s crossing the road while looking the wrong way. Particularly after Scotch!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Birthday in Scotland! Sounds wonderful to me! Hope Randy got a snoot full of Laphroig! No mention of haggis yet!

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